League of Women Voters | Volunteer
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As a volunteer-led organization we depend on our members for our successful projects:

Registering New Voters

Thousands of newcomers move to the Nashville area each year.  Help them become part of our community by registering them to vote.

Contact Hazel Thornton (hazethorn@gmail.com) to find out when the next registration activity will take place.

Living in a Democracy: How to Become an Active Citizen

We are planning a series of small and  informal teas with women who have recently become citizens to give them the information and the confidence to vote and participate fully as active members of the Nashville community.  Can you help make this project a success?

Contact Hasina Mohyuddin, hasina.a.mohyuddin.1@vanderbilt.edu  or Tamanna Quereshi, tamanna13@hotmail.com

Outreach to High Schools

Volunteers are needed to support high school registration in Davidson County, April 17-21, by providing the resources first time voters need. Registration will take place in each high school in the county, usually midday.

Look at these two students  who celebrated their 18th birthdays by registering. Contact Hazel Thornton (hazelthorn@gmail.com) if you are available to help.