Absentee Voting

The League of Women Voters helps citizens to be informed voters. The elections in 2020, which will be held under the threat of a pandemic, are especially challenging and voters want to know more about all of their options for voting safely and securely. 

  • Who can vote as absentee?

  • You can request an absentee ballot as a non-military citizen living in the U.S. or as a military member or U.S. citizen living abroad.

    • Ask for an application for a mail-in ballot no earlier than 90 days before the election and no later than 7 days before the election.
    • You can download the absentee request form online.
    • To request your mail-in absentee ballot via mail, email, or fax, contact your local county election commission office with the following information (you can find your local county election commission’s email and address here.)
      • Your name
      • Your address (permanent residence!)
      • Your social security number
      • Your date of birth
      • If you’re living outside of your county (in college or travelling for example) then the address to which you want the ballot mailed
      • The election for which you want an absentee ballot, and if it’s a primary, your party of choice
      • The reason you wish to vote absentee
      • Your signature

    Tip #1: If you accidentially mess up your ballot or fail to receive it in the mail, you can request a replacement. It will be marked in your records that you received a replacement.

  • To cast your ballot and be counted, your county’s election commission must receive the ballot by mail no later than the close of polls on election day. 

    IMPORTANT: Where you live determines where you vote, so be sure to let the election commission in your county know when you move.

Election Commission Tips for Voting During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Absentee Request Form

Don't get caught by deadlines!

Mail in your absentee ballot as soon as you receive it.
Davidson County Election Commission Website