The Molly Todd Award

Mary “Molly” Hart Todd was a powerful and effective leader not afraid to push the boundaries citizen advocacy in public policy. She was a frequent monitor at the state legislature on League issues (e.g., income tax, adequate school funding, water control laws, repeal of the death penalty), a delegate to the 1970 Tennessee Constitutional Convention, and held leadership positions in numerous organizations. She was also a plaintiff in the Baker v. Carr case that came before the Supreme Court regarding redistricting in 1962, which led to the “one person, one vote” standard for legislative reapportionment.

In 1995, the Nashville League established the annual Molly Todd Award. It is given in recognition of a member of the League who has followed in Molly Todd’s footsteps, providing leadership and service to both the League and the voters of Nashville. And it identifies someone who shows the same bold spirit and optimism that Molly always demonstrated.

2019 | Debby Gould

2018 | Madeline and Tony Garr

2017 | Hazel Thornton

2016 | Barbara Gay

2015 | Jo Singer

2014 | Diane DiIanni

2013 | Barbara Devaney

2012 | Pat Post

2011 | Sue Bredensteiner

2010 | Karen Weeks

2009 | Margie Parsley

2008 | Karen Edwards

2007 | Phil Schoggen

2006 | Mary Frances Lyle

2005 | Marian Ott

2004 | Berdelle Campbell

2003 | Dikkie Schoggen

2002 | JoAnn Bennett

2001 | Silvine Hudson

2000 | Brenda Wynn

1999 | Susan Gutow

1998 | Silvine Hudson

1997 | Sally Levine

1996 | Carole Bucy

1995 | Jane Eskind

Debby Gould - 2019 Award Recipient

LWVN President Barbara Gay (left) and Debby Gould (right), the 2019 Molly Todd Award Recipient.