May 2022 Hot Topic – They Lost the Right to Vote…Can It Ever Be Restored?
Speakers: Howard Gentry, Criminal Court Clerk,  and Jim Shulman, Vice-Mayor

April 2022 Hot Topic – How Harpeth Conservancy is Working to Restore and Protect Clean Water and Healthy Ecosystems for Rivers in Tennessee
Speaker: Grace Stranch, COO and Vice President of Conservation and Policy at the Harpeth Conservancy

March 2022 Hot Topic – Presidential Rhetoric…Past, Present, and Future
Speaker: Vanessa Beasley, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at Vanderbilt University.

February 2022 Hot Topic – An Alternative to Defund the Police: Mental Health Crisis Intervention
Speaker: Robin Nobling, Executive Director of Partners in Care, Metro Nashville’s new mental health training program for police officers.

January 2022 Hot Topic – Looking Into the Crystal Ball: Stewart Clifton’s Preview of the New Legislative Session
Speaker: Stewart Clifton, Lobbyist

December 2021 Hot Topic – Thistles are Fierce But ResilientSpeaker: Terrie, Terrie Moore, from the Thistle Farms/Magdalene program.

November 2021 Hot Topic – What a Waste

Speaker: Jenn Harrman, Zero Waste Program Manager, Metro Water Services Division of Waste Services

October 2021 Hot Topic – I’ll Take You There: Exploring Nashville’s Social Justice SitesSpeaker: Learotha Williams, Jr. PhD

September 2021 Hot Topic – First Friday with Renee Pratt, Executive Director of Metro Nashville Social Services

Speaker: Renee Pratt, Executive Director of Metro Nashville Social Services

August 2021 Hot Topic – First Friday with Dr. Dr. Alex Jahangir

Speaker: Dr. Alex Jahangir, orthopedic trauma surgeon and director of the Division of Orthopedic Trauma at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and chair of the Metropolitan Board of Health of Nashville and chair of the Metropolitan Nashville Coronavirus Taskforce.

June 2021 Hot Topic – The BEP: How does it affect the Davidson County School System?

Speaker: Katie Cour, President and CEO of the Nashville Public Foundation

May 2021 Hot Topic – Redistricting 101

Speaker: Debby Gould, LWVTN President

April 2021 Hot Topic – Downtown Nashville

Speaker: Councilman Freddie O’Connell

March 2021 Hot Topic – The Secret Life of Judges

Speaker: Claudia Bonnyman

February 2021 Hot Topic – The State of Music City

Speaker: Burkley Allen

January 2021 Hot Topic – Looking Ahead to the 2021 Legislative Session

Speaker: Stewart Clifton, Lobbyist

Conversation with Senator Elect Heidi Campbell 


December  2020 LWV of Williamson County Monthly Meeting 

Speaker: Randall Putala – President at Senior Benefits Foundation, Inc.; Founder + CEO of World Hunger Team

December 2020 Hot Topic – Presidential Powers & The Constitution

Speaker: Jim Blumstein, Vanderbilt University Professor of Constitutional Law and Health Law & Policy

November 2020 Hot Topic – Bridging the Political Divide

Speaker: Lynn Heady, Braver Angels

November 2020 LWV of Williamson County Monthly Meeting 

Speaker: Hedy Weinberg – Executive Director, ACLU of Tennessee

October 2020 Hot Topic – Affordable Housing…a Local Perspective 

Speakers: Kay Bowers, recently retired as the director of the non-profit, New Level Community Development Corporation and is a founding member of the Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition &  Michael Kenner, President of MiKen Development

October 2020 LWV of Williamson County Monthly Meeting 

Speaker: Jeffery Barrie – CEO of TN Environmental Council (TEC)

September 2020 LWV of Williamson County Monthly Meeting 

Speaker: Chad Gray, Williamson County Election Commission Election Administrator

September 2020 Hot Topic -Strengthening Conservation in Nashville

Radnor to River with Noah Charney & Westmeade Elementary Recycling Program with Karen McIntyre.

    Ratification of the 19th Amendment Reenactment

August 2020 Hot Topic – The Virus in our Village: COVID-19’s Impact on the Nashville Community.

Dr. Michael Caldwell, M.D., Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Metro Public Health Department, and Dr. Joseph Webb, Chief Executive Officer of Nashville General Hospital at Meharry share their perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic’s impact on the City of Nashville. 

August 2020 LWV of Williamson County Monthly Meeting

Deborah has been executive director of Tennessee Coalition for Open Government since 2013. Previously, she spent 25 years in the news industry as a journalist, including the Tennessean.

Since 2016, she has been and still is, Director, John Seigenthaler Chair of excellence in First Amendment Studies at Middle Tennessee University.

July 2020 LWV of Williamson County Monthly Meeting

The kick-off meeting will feature Debby Gould, Vice-President for the League of Women Voters of Tennessee with an overview of the current activities of the organization and the unique challenges of voting and conducting elections under the threat of a pandemic.

June 2020 Hot Topic : Domestic Violence in the Time of the Pandemic

Sharon Roberson, CEO and President of the YWCA Nashville will discuss the challenges facing our community at this time.