Area of Focus: Environment

LWV believes we must protect our planet from the physical and public health effects of climate change. The federal government has a major role in protecting our environment and controlling pollution.

Why it Matters

Preserving and caring for the environment is also a state and local issue.  The League keeps our members and the public aware of any problems that could have a direct impact on our lives here in Nashville.

What LWVN is Doing

  • We host speakers for members and the public to learn more about how to preserve and protect our environment.
  • We inform communities about issues affecting their communities, such as the controversy over the Hutton Quarry.
  • We lobby at the state level for environmental protection.
  • We follow Metro Council meetings and advocate for environmental policies.
  • We work with other environmental groups in the area, such as the Harpeth Conservancy, and inform LWVN members and the public about activities of these groups to encourage involvement.

What You Can Do

  • Join the League of Women Voters Nashville to be a part of efforts related to the environment on the local, state, and national Anyone 16 and older can join. Click here to become a member.
  • Learn about Metro Government’s Zero Waste Management Plan, Sustainability Department, recycling, and composting. Click here.
  • Participate in League environmental activities in conjunction with other groups.