Area of Focus: Public Health

Since 1993, the LWV has been committed to promoting “a health care system for the United States that provides access to a basic level of quality care for all U.S. residents and controls health care costs We are not there yet.  While Davidson County is one of the healthiest counties in Tennessee, it still has significant health disparities, with one in five residents reporting poor health and one in six who remain uninsured.


Why it Matters

Tennessee remains one of only 12 states that failed to expand its Medicaid program to low-income adults. The COVID and opioid epidemics have revealed how the health of some impacts the health of all, how gaps in health access and information can divide our communities, and how social and economic factors affect health outcomes.


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What You Can Do

  • Join the LWVN to be a part of efforts related to health issues on the local, state, and national Anyone 16 and older can join. Click here to become a member.
  • Urge our Governor and state representatives to extend Medicaid to low-income Tennesseans.
  • Share accurate information with vaccine-hesitant family members and neighbors and urge them to reconsider vaccines and masking because you care about them.
  • Ask School Board and City Council members to hold firm on enforcing mask mandates and vaccination or testing requirements