League of Women Voters of Nashville

Board of Directors’ Portfolio Goals for 2021-2022


  • Establish a committee to recruit new members
  • Increase membership through outreach and education
  • Invite non-members who attend Hot Topics
  • Develop a mentorship program to engage young adult members

Voter Services:

  • Continue to recruit and train volunteers with a focus on volunteers capable of reaching populations with historically low voter turnout
  • Develop a working knowledge of social media (Twitter etc.)
  • Utilize social media to promote future voter registration events, establish connections with people and complimentary organizations
  • Explore new venues for voter registration events such as the Nashville Flea Market, local festivals, and public events involving high school and college students
  • Attend Davidson County Election Committee meetings and provide summary of each meeting to the LWVNashville board
  • Participate in the Restore Voters Rights group by attending meetings and supporting its goals
  • Periodically contribute to the LWVNashville newsletter, The Voter


  • Promote LWVNashville messaging via the Voter and social media
  • Identify messaging opportunities from other groups’ goals
  • Create online repository of shareable social media content from members
  • Use social media to increase membership/engagement
  • “Spotlight” new members/why they joined in the Voter and on social media, and possibly highlight legislative goals


  • Establish an Education Committee
  • Build a framework for long-term relationship building in the areas of Student Voter Registration, Legislative Communication, and Student and Teacher Engagement

      Three Areas of Focus:
1) Voter Registration in High Schools (coordinate with Voter Registration Committee)

2) Legislative Communication (coordinate with Communications Committee)

    • Identify legislative priorities for the year and delegate committee responsibilities in this area
    • General—action alerts to League members
    • Specific (and potentially membership-building) Action Alerts to Teachers and Parents through email lists, parent newsletters via schools and more
  • 3) Engaging Kids in Civic Life
    • Learn about the democratic process in fun ways in school – identify partners and resources to offer to teachers
    • Develop ways for students to engage with community leaders in school, showcasing a diverse group of people so students can see leaders who look like them engaging in the democratic process

Hot Topics:

  • Ensure quality and variety in speakers each month.
  • Evaluate returning to in-person speaking events in 2022
  • Document process and numbers of attendees for monthly meetings, both online and in person.
  • Write up a brief synopsis of the program for newsletter, before and after the presentation
  • Periodically, through the newsletter, ask members to let us know topics that they would like to have presented
  • Inquire from the LWVNashville committees about people or topics they would like to hear

Metro Government:

  • Follow Nashville Metro Council Meetings and report to LWVNashville Board on legislation related to the following portfolio domains:
    • Healthcare, including public health, pandemic health policy and mitigation, prevention and education, and long-term care.
    • Environment
    • Education
    • Elections and voting
    • Redistricting process that impacts neighborhoods, council districts, school board, school system

Health Care Public Health

  • Monitor progress being made by Metro Nashville Public Health Department to achieve health equity and prevent excess mortality and morbidity from COVID-19 in Davidson County
  • Monitor the activity of Nashville General Hospital and other safety net programs to determine if their resources are sufficient to meet the health care needs of uninsured residents of Davidson County
  • Coordinate the efforts of LWVNashville and other voting rights organizations to enroll eligible uninsured persons in TennCare or the Affordable Care Act and make sure that American citizens in this group, even those that fall into the coverage gap, have an opportunity to register to vote
  • Continue efforts to inform LWVNashville members of upcoming legislation at local, state, and federal levels that impact health and health care policy through the committee’s monthly contribution to the VOTER
  • Recruit additional members to the Health Care Committee to share these responsibilities and to develop new programs and objectives

Community Connections:

  • Partner with community organizations to provide virtual resources (media, webinars, etc.) covering topics such as redistricting, how government works, and local elections. One primary focus will be reaching immigrant communities
  • Connect with league committees and resources to work efficiently with established groups and collaborate with experts who can be featured in outreach to community groups


  • Continue to educate League members about the environmental groups that are currently active in Davidson County
  • Provide information on environmental issues by submitting articles to the Nashville Voter newsletter and obtain speakers for Hot Topic public meetings
  • Partner with local environmental groups, when possible, for short term activities or a long-term focused issue
  • Monitor local and state environmental proposals and regulations and keep membership and public informed

Williamson County: 

  • Establish a LWVWC website
  • Provide voter education to Increase awareness of the voting process
  • Maintain a consistent presence at the Williamson County Election Commission meetings
  • Encourage members to become personally involved in the Election Day process
  • Establish a presence in the Williamson County schools
  • Expand our presence in Williamson County by participating in local functions